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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • Michelle Anderson

    "Just wanted to say hello and to send a couple of pictures of me wearing my beautiful Bella Dream Hair extensions. Love, love, love this hair. I'm referring your company to all of my extension wearing friends :-) !"

  • Rochelle Boreland

    "I've ordered all types of hair. From beauty supply brand "remy" to over priced virgin hair. A lot of vendors make promises about what the hair will do and how it cannot be compared to any other brand. I think it is safe to say that Bella Dream Hair is THE hair that cannot be compared. For the first time I can honestly say I got exactly what I paid for and my extensions look and behave just as promised. The Portugal Deep Wave matched well with the texture of my hair and was not too fine are overly shiny. I've recommended the hair to friends and they are also very pleased!"

  • Kiarra

    "This is by far the BEST hair I ever had. I wanted to order something that looks the most natural like my own hair so I ordered the 16 inch Brazilian Straight Hair. I have never received so many compliments and when I told people that it was weave, they could not believe it and that was the best feeling ever. =) Bella Dream Hair is now the ONLY hair I will ever put in my hair. I HIGHLY recommend will not regret it!"

  • Janelle Addy

    "The latest buzz is "Bella Dream Hair", There aren't too many hair extenstions on the market that blend well with African-Americans. I've never purchased hair by the ounce but I HAD to see for myself. Talk about nervous?! I was so excited to receive my order, Brazilian Curly 10 & 12in, and get my hair done! Bella Dream Hair gets an A++ from me. It's soft and manageable and the curls return with ease. Thank you Bella, I am no longer a 2 pack!! :-)"

  • Lexi

    "My mom bought me the wavy hair 9 months ago and I love it! I can't wait until she buys me some more!!!"

  • J. Diaz

    "Lately everyone has been complimenting me on my Luxurious Hair. I'm Loving my Bella Dream Hair! I'm Feeling Sexy 24-7. I've been wearing extensions since a Teen and this has been the Best Hair I've ever found! I'm going to continue to tell all My Friends and Family about Bella Dream Hair! Brazilian Wavy is my Favorite. Thank you so much Bella! !"Â

  • Geraldine

    "I absolutely love my portugal deep wave hair from bella dream hair. The hair is so soft and easy to manage. It is also very versatile. I intially wore it curly and now i have it flat ironed straight. I am more than satisfied with my hair."

  • Tina Baker Hines

    "I ordered the Bella Dream Hair brazillian wave and I love how managable it is. There isn't much upkeep needed because the hair is good, quality hair. I can wash the hair and go-I love that. I will definitley be ordering again!"

  • Deiajane

    "I wear weaves due to my active lifestyle; working,parenting and exercising play big roles in my life and being able to have hair that is not hard to manage is something I always look for. I use to purchase 100% Virgin Indian Hair and thought I was in love with it, that is not until I found BellaDreamHair 100% Virgin Brazilian Hair. This hair has made all the difference. The texture of hair is almost an exact match to mine, and the quality is better than any Indian Hair I've purchased. I have not experienced any shedding, which is very important, you never want your hair to look thin or brittle. I have washed,blow-dried, dyed and styled BellaDreamHair without any issues with texture or volume. This hair has made me a true believer and I will never go back to Indian Hair again. Not to mention, the price and quality of is affordable and amazing. Thank you so much!!! #TeamBellaDreamHair all the way!! :-)

  • Alicia

    "BellaDreamHair is the BOMB. I have NEVER had a brand of hair that I have purchased more than twice, That says ALOT!! This hair is so soft, KEEPS its shape, Curls BOMB (as u can see), Straightens Perfect. I can't say enough about this hair. Oh and 1 more thing if you wake up in the morning and forget to comb it, its still no tangles!! Now tell me what other hair does that!? Whoop there it is BELLADREAMHAIR is IT!!"

  • Leslie

    "I simply cannot live without Bella Dream Hair! I have tried many different extensions over the years, so I consider myself a weave-ologist! Bella Dream Hair is by far, hands down, the best hair in the game. I would never, ever put anything else in my hair except Bella Dream Hair! So if you see me somewhere, you don't even have to ask! It is definitely Bella Dream Hair!!